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~* The First Rule of Fight Club... *~

As this is primarily a turn-based site, we encourage turn-based fighting as well. This list is a good guideline to follow when role fighting.

1. Each player has one post to describe all his/her equipment. This includes weapons, armour, and magic. Your character does not have to state what he/she has out loud- it can be in your character's quick mental check of items on their person.

2. Magic may only be used in spars after your character has received approval to use it. This is to help keep "god-modding" down to a minimum.

3. If two characters are going to spar, they must come to an agreement of who will make the first move. If they cannot decide who will go first, they shall agree on an equitable random way of deciding it.

4. There is one post per person during a spar. This does NOT mean that you can make two posts into one and attack twice in one post. If you do your opponent is allowed to ignore the first and respond only to the second. NOTE: Some people may write long posts, and wish to break it up into smaller parts. When posting, put "TBC" or "Cont." at the end to show that you are not yet finished writing. This is not considered double-posting, merely a way to allow your opponent to work on their reply if they so wish.

Illustration of a post:
~Standing towards the right of his opponent, nearly 4 feet away, he swings his blade full force high over his head and left shoulder directly towards the chest of his opponent, while placing his feet firmly in a fighting stance~ 

This includes: 
1) Location - 'towards the right of his opponent' 
2) Distance, Radius - '4 feet' 
3) Time Allotment - Not needed no *special* actions (spells ect.) are happening 
4) Combat (target) - 'his opponents chest', acceleration - 'full force' Direction - 'over his head and left shoulder' 
5) Defense Action -'Feet firmly placed', Direction - in a fighting stance, or to the right of, and Results of Attack - none as he is not being attacked

It takes some time to get used to but it is easy over all.

5. In situations where you do not avoid or block an attack on the following post, it is reasonable to assume that you were hit during your opponent's attack.

6. No god-modding. For those of you who may not know what that is, it is when one makes his or her character invincible. Not only is this unfair and boring for others to RP with, it is unbelievable.

Further Advice:

* Be descriptive and creative in your posts. Remember that if you leave an opening in your defence, your opponent may use that against you. Be careful!

* While making your posts, be careful not to make too many actions. Having so many in one post is dangerous, for you can't know what your opponent does in between.

*When using magic, take advantage of the spell preparation to describe what exactly the spell is supposed to do. It doesn't help if you make an elaborate post about a spell and don't  say what it's for.

*Please be respectful of others as they are sparring. Keep talk to a minimum, and use whispers so you do not distract those who are fighting.


If your character dies ... you may bring it back as a spirit or ghost or shadow.. If you decide that the character is dead and gone then let us know and we can delete the account for you. If it is agreed on by all involved, and Admin, that your character may be resurrected then do so.. Its respectful to also involve the person who killed that character in deciding upon resurrection.

The character must have a soul to be resurrected, Vampires cannot be resurrected under any circumstances

Leaving a battle
If you are role-playing and you get into a fight you will be expected to finish it.
Simply deciding youre no longer Role-playing IE: "I’m not role playing anymore" isn’t a good enough excuse if you have provoked a fight or are losing one.
If you leave and do not make arrangements to continue then we will assume the last attack hit you...be it kill you or wounded ... whichever fits.


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