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~* Babies! Babies Everywhere! *~

So your character has decided to settle down and start a family. Or maybe a dark night of passion has had some consequences. Before officially declaring your character as pregnant, please consider the following:

If you are under 16 in RL and you are found to be cybering in chat you both will be warned, no matter the age of the other person.
This is for legal issues regarding the chat.

Any details of a pregnancy, including conception or early termination, should be discussed and agreed upon between players OOCly. If there is a disagreement, you can ask for a moderator to be brought in.

All pregnancies must last at least three weeks. If you require it to be shorter than this for an RP, then please make a request on the forum.

Once you have decided that your character is pregnant, you'll need to post it in the Announcement section of the Forums. The 3 week waiting period will begin only after you've posted it here. Your character does not need to know she is pregnant before you post.



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