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~* Making and Using Character Images *~

Character avatars in chat can be 375 by 325 (or 325 by 375, it's up to you!) max. Images can be smaller than this, but not larger. If you do not have a photo editing program and would like an image made for your character, you can post a request to members of the art guild and they will be able make one for you!

If you are thinking of using a particular actor/actress, you might want to check the listing to be sure that the person is not already in use. This avoids any confusion between players.

For Forum signatures you may use writing and/or a picture. These pictures should be no larger than 400 pixels wide by 200 high.

Any images considered to be pornographic or offensive will be removed.
If a mod or admin tells you that your image is too explicit, please be courteous and find a replacement to use instead.


~* Uploading Images to your Profile *~

You want your Character to have a picture? No problem.

- Save the picture to your PC
- In Chat click on Control Panel and then Settings
- On the left side click on "Choose File"
- Select the file that you want to use from your computer
- Click the button that says 'Upload'


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