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Character Guilds

Peirene Guild


Legends of visual artistry are members of this guild
Ex Libris


Those who are masters of literature join this guild
Cahdakhi Salveo


Characters gifted in the art of healing join this guild

Character Clans

House of Phoenix


Those included in this clan have associations- either large or small- to the rulers of Phoenix
Reaper Pack


This is a pack within the borders of Phoenix
Belle Morte


The masters of the night
The Venatores


A  band of hunters who seek to cleanse the earth

~* Want to make your own clan or guild? *~
You will need to send the following in a forum PM to Elena

  1. Your clan/guild will need to have 1-3 badges (50x50) that your members will wear in their profiles to show their ranks.
    - One badge for all
         - Leadership badge
         - Membership badge
            and if required
         - Apprentice/Pledge badge
  2. You will need to have a write-up of the following for your section on the forum. It will have to be approved by the Admin.
         - Clan/Guild history
         - Your Clan/Guild Rules
         - The names of those who support your Clan/Guild
  3. (Optional) You may have a set of titles for your clan. These also show on profiles and must be approved of.

After Approval :-
     - We will notify you when your badges have been added to character profiles. If someone is missing a badge, just let us know.
     - We will add a section on the forums for you to post your Clan or Guild information to help recruit new members, hold meetings, and develop your stories.

~* Considerations for Clan/Guild Creation*~

  1. All Clans/Guilds must come from an original idea (so we don't get duplicate clans with the same purpose)
  2. Even if you are a member of a Clan/Guild you must still follow chat rules.
  3. Ask an Admin or Mod for advice on which room to use for your meetings and consider giving a copy of this meeting to Admin, it may help to develop future roleplays together.
  4. You should have at least 3 players to start a clan/guild.
  5. Clans/Guilds that members have lost interest in will be closed.

If you require help with your ideas please just ask


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