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Like any site or game, we have rules that players need to follow. They aren't complicated, and should be easy to remember. If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask!

1. Respect the rights of others. Impersonation of other players, and any out of character harrassment or unwelcome overtures of any kind to other chatters will not be tolerated. If you are being rude to other chatters, you may find yourself kicked out of the room or banned from the site completely.

2. Posting pornographic pictures is prohibited.

3. Try to keep OOC messages to a minimum in rooms where there is active role-playing. You can use whisper or the OOC function for OOC chatting.

4. Any room that is labelled with a _18_ in the room list is an adult room. You must be 18 or older IRL to enter these rooms.

5. Soliciting of any kind is prohibited. Those found to be advertising other chats will be banned immediately. This includes whispered messages and linking from your homepages.

6. Do not move gold between your accounts unless it's through a valid RP transaction. Suspicious activity will be investigated. If you have made a donation, and that character has died, please message Elena to request permission to transfer the gold to a different account. This rule is in place to prevent "Feeder" accounts, and we reserve the right to delete the additional moved gold.

You can find more site Rules & Guidelines here. Creation of an account is an acceptance of these terms.

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