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October II
« on: October 23, 2013, 04:43:41 PM »
Trickster's Ball:
Don't forget! The Trickster's ball will be held the evening of Monday, October 28th. Bring your masks and costumes, as we'll be giving away prizes and event items that night! There will also be a special unveiling..

Character Awards:
We're at that time of the year again- Character Awards! Please review the list of character awards, and RM your votes to Alexander. Votes should be submitted before Thursday, November 7th. You can find the full list of awards here:

Tournament Results:
After several exciting battles, we finally have our winner for the Knight's tournament! Many battles were close- especially the final round!- and we applaud everyone who participated.
We would like to honor the Realm's new Knight, Sir John, with an official ceremony. The ceremony will be held next Thursday, October 31st in the Throne Room. But wait- there's more! Because of Phae's excellent and comparable skills, we have decided to award her the open Captain's position, and hope that she will continue to protect the Kingdom for years to come.

Leadership Positions:
Lately we have been trying to expand on available positions, and have done a bit of shuffling as well. We have new Royals, a new Knight, a new Captain, a new Priestess... and we're looking to fill more spots!
As Corvus's player is frequently busy with Administration duties and other characters, we want to offer the chance for a new Warlord to take over. This can be a new character or old. Give us some ideas! All we ask is that you be an active member of chat =) If you are interested, please message either Alexander, Corvus, or Morgan!

We will be starting the library very soon! The Library, located in the University section of the boards, will be a place were all members of chat can write "books" (in the form of individual threads) that would be accessible in the castle's library. Each book written will be reviewed for content and quality, and the author will be paid for his or her contributions.
Please make sure everything is your OWN work, and not copied text! You can use other sites for reference information if needed, for example- when writing a book on herbs found in Phoenix or elsewhere- but please link the sites you referenced. Aubri will be making a post very soon with more detailed information!

VIP Giveaway:
Keep your eye on the forums for an announcement over a VIP account giveaway! We are still working out details, but we'll let you know soon.

Don't forget that all VIP and Gold purchases are now being stored away to save for a NEW chat! Also, consider making a plain ol' donation and help us to get our new chat all the sooner.
Or buy a VIP account!