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Site Information / Your Character
« Last post by Elena on April 10, 2018, 04:26:48 PM »
Phoenix Realm is a mystical place full of magic and wonder, where the only limits to who you can become and what you can achieve are limited only by your imagination! As long as you abide by the few rules in place for everyone’s enjoyment, then whatever your heart desires can be yours. Your own character, your ideas, and the unique style that each of you brings to our chat family all help to make Phoenix Realm our home, so let’s build this world together!

There is only one rule concerning character creation..
You may not make an immortal character. There must be at least two ways to kill everyone. Once you are dead you can only come back as a ghost/spirit. Resurrections need permission from the killer of the character (OOC from the player) and the Admin, so take this into consideration before killing off a character. Absolutely no Gods or Phoenix's. 

We also allow the complete making up of a race. You just have to get it signed off by us if you want it added to the race choice menu in chat.

If you still have any questions about what is and isn't allowed then there are plenty of people who are happy to help and you can always send me a PM.
Site Information / Information pages - Help!
« Last post by Elena on March 28, 2018, 06:47:43 PM »
While working on the title pages I realized that the forum could be a little confusing when looking for information. In the past we had a page called 'Community' and on this page were links to all the information pages. What do you think worked best? Everything on the forum, or everything in web pages? I could even make a community page that linked to all the sections of the forum to make it easier to find stuff..
Let me know in the poll.
Site Information / Character Images
« Last post by Elena on August 11, 2016, 06:57:50 PM »
~*~ Making and Using Character Images ~*~

Character avatars in chat can be 375 by 325 (or 325 by 375, it's up to you!) max. Images can be smaller than this, but not larger. If you can not make images or do not have a editing program you can post a request to members of the art guild and they will gladly make one for you!

If you are thinking of using a particular actor/actress, you might want to check the listing to be sure that the person is not already in use. This avoids any confusion between players both IC and OOC.

You may also have banners to use on the boards. These banners should be no larger than 400 pixels wide by 150 high.

Any images considered to be pornographic or offensive will be removed.
If a mod or admin tells you that you need to change your image, please be courteous and remove the image BEFORE finding a replacement

Site Information / Phoenix Realm Help & FAQ
« Last post by Elena on September 19, 2015, 12:48:06 AM »
What is this site?
We are a role play chat, similar to games like Dungeons & Dragons (but without stats/dice) where you develop your characters and stories by playing them out. You create your character, pick a race, find a job, and develop background, actions, emotions, personality, etc. You can grow and develop your character by interacting with other players and participating in plots- or making your own!
There is also a bit of out of character chatting going on as well. You can tell if a person is out of character (or OOC) simply by the way that they put OOC in front of their sentences/posts. We ask that everyone do this so that it isn't so confusing to who is in character and who isn't.

You can get started by registering for an account HERE.
(These forums are supplemental to the chat, and are *not* where most of the role playing actually takes place).

I made an account. How does this work?
--Log into the chat, which will take you to a Welcome Page.
There’s a lot of information you can find here: current news, help tips, weather report, and the current Moon.
-- You’ll also be able to select which character you want to play from the drop down. Pressing Enter will take you into the main chat
-- Only have one character right now? You’ll be able to add new characters to your account once you log in to chat.

How do I find a race, job, or character image?
-- Once you’re in the main chat, you’ll see a frame to your left. Click on the “Control Panel” button to expand it, and click on the “Settlings” button. You’ll be able to edit your character’s information here.
-- Some people in chat are available to make character images for you- or you can make your own! Just be sure it fits within the limits of the image rules: no bigger than 375 x 325 (or 325x375) pixels. You can also add a Thumnbail Image, which shows up beside your name in the user list. Thumbnails must be no bigger than 60x30 pixels
-- Also keep in mind that someone else may already have a reserve on a certain actor or actress. You can check the Art Guild section of the forums to see who what character mirrors have already been reserved.

All right, I have my character ready. Now what? 
The main chat itself may seem a little confusing at first, but it's easy to get the hang of.
New messages will appear on screen as they’re posted..
To send a post, write what you want and click on the "send" button.

You might want to start right off meeting with people from the realm that are already there, or you may just like to lurk around a bit to get the feel of what is going on. In order to tell who is in the same room as you, look at the bottom of the page in the current user area. In that you will be able to see who is in what room, what their job is and what their idle time is. Idle time is how long it has been since they last posted or checked for new messages. Your idle time will always appear at 0 for you though, being every time you click on send or get new messages it resets.

Whisper To
To whisper to someone is to talk to them privately. Write your message in the box; tick the person’s name whom you wish to speak to on the left and click on the whisper command. This sends them a message that is only between you and the other person.

How do I move from room to room?
At the top on the left, you will see a drop down list of all the rooms you can go in. By choosing a room in the "room list" box and clicking on the travel button it will move you from room to room. As a Traveller, you'll be able to access most rooms. However, there are some rooms that you wont be able to get into, because they're either privately owned rooms or reserved for higher positions within the realm.

I missed a message, how can I tell what was said? 
In the select command box you can choose 'Get last messages' and then choose how many old messages you want to see again. Then just hit the “Send Command” button. This is useful if you need to re-enter a room.

When do I move up in rank?
We ask that you visit the realm frequently, obey all rules, be helpful to new people when necessary, join or start quests, and basically make yourself useful when you can. In order to move up from Traveller, you need to look around the realm for a job, or role play your character in a certain way- perhaps as a villain or a merchant- to get a different title and a higher daily gold income.
Site Information / Re: Site & Roleplaying Rules
« Last post by Indie on January 03, 2013, 08:13:39 PM »
~* Babies! Babies Everywhere!*~

So your character has decided to settle down and start a family. Or maybe a dark night of passion has had some consequences. Before officially declaring your character is pregnant, please consider the following:

 - Anyone whose RL age is under 16 may NOT become pregnant in this Realm. If you are found to be cybering you both will be warned and quite possible banned, no matter the age of the other person.
This is for legal issues regarding the chat.

 - Any details of a pregnancy, including conception or early termination, need to be discussed and agreed upon between players OOCly. If there is no agreement, you can ask for a moderator to be brought in.

 - All pregnancies must last at least three weeks. If you require it to be shorter than this for an RP, then please make a request on the forum.

 - Once you have decided that your character is pregnant, you'll need to post it in the Announcement section of the Forums. The 3 week waiting period will begin only after you've posted it here. Your character does not need to know she is pregnant before post.
Site Information / Re: Role-Fighting
« Last post by Indie on January 03, 2013, 08:11:42 PM »


If your character dies, you may bring it back as a spirit or ghost or shadow. If you decide that the character is dead and gone then let us know and we can delete the account for you. If it is agreed on by all involved, plus an admin, that your character may be resurrected then do so. Its only respectful to also involve the person who killed that character in deciding upon resurrection.

The character must have a soul to be resurrected. Vampires cannot be resurrected under any circumstances

Leaving a battle
If you are role-playing and you get into a fight you will be expected to finish it.
Simply deciding your no longer Role-playing IE: "I’m not role playing anymore" isn’t a good enough excuse if you have provoked a fight or are losing one.
If you do so and walk away in the middle we will assume the last attack hit it kill you or wounded ... whichever fits
Site Information / Re: Role-Fighting
« Last post by Indie on January 03, 2013, 08:10:49 PM »
Further Advice:

* Be descriptive and creative in your posts. Remember that if you leave an opening in your defence, your opponent may use that against you. Be careful!

* While making your posts, be careful not to make too many actions. Having so many in one post is dangerous, for you can't know what your opponent does in between.

*When using magic, take advantage of the spell preparation to describe what exactly the spell is supposed to do. It doesn't help if you make an elaborate post about a spell and don't  say what it's for.

*Please be respectful of others as they are sparring. Keep talk to a minimum, and use whispers so you do not distract those who are fighting.
Site Information / Role-Fighting
« Last post by Indie on January 03, 2013, 08:10:19 PM »
~* The First Rule of Fight Club... *~

As this is primarily a turn-based site, we encourage turn-based fighting as well. This list is a good guideline to follow when role fighting.

1. Each player has one "intro" post to describe all his/her equipment. This includes weapons, armour, and magic. Your character does not have to state what he/she has out loud- it can be in your character's quick mental check of items on their person.

2. Magic may only be used in spars after your character has received approval to use it. This is to help keep "god-modding" down to a minimum.

3. If two characters are going to spar, they must come to an agreement of who will make the first move. If they cannot decide who will go first, they shall agree on an equitable random way of deciding it.

4. There is one post per person during a spar. This does NOT mean that you can make two posts into one and attack twice in one post. If you do your opponent is allowed to ignore the first and respond only to the second. NOTE: Some people may write long posts, and wish to break it up into smaller parts. When posting, put "TBC" or "Cont." at the end to show that you are not yet finished writing. This is not considered double-posting, merely away of making "smaller" posts.

Illustration of a post:
~Standing towards the right of his opponent, nearly 4 feet away, he swings his blade full force high over his head and left shoulder directly towards the chest of his opponent, while placing his feet firmly in a fighting stance~

This includes:
  1) Location - 'towards the right of his opponent'
  2) Distance, Radius - '4 feet'
  3) Time Allotment - Not needed no *special* actions (spells ect.) are happening
  4) Combat (target) - 'his opponents chest', acceleration - 'full force' Direction - 'over his head and left shoulder'
  5) Defense Action -'Feet firmly placed', Direction - in a fighting stance, or to the right of, and Results of Attack - none as he is not being attacked

It takes some time to get used to but it is easy over all.

5. In situations where you do not avoid or block an attack on the following post, it is reasonable to assume that you were hit during your opponent's attack.

6. No god-modding. For those of you who may not know what that is, it is when one makes his or her character invincible. Not only is this unfair and boring for others to RP with, it is unbelievable.

Site Information / Re: Site & Roleplaying Rules
« Last post by Indie on January 03, 2013, 07:51:36 PM »
~*Dungeon Crawling*~

If you should be unfortunate enough to be imprisoned at the Guard House, then you shall be disarmed of all your weapons at the door by NPC guards- whether or not someone writes this happening.

Any magic or natural abilities you may hold will be rendered useless whilst you are locked up. This is explained by the dampening field which surrounds the cells.

Take note of how you were left by the guards, whether it be in a cell or in shackles, make sure your character acts in the correct manner.

NPC Guards patrol the cells at all times.
Site Information / Re: Site & Roleplaying Rules
« Last post by Indie on January 03, 2013, 07:49:29 PM »
~*General Role-Playing Rules*~

 - You cannot kill someone unless it has been decided by the person playing the character that they want that character to die. If the user makes an IC post saying they have died then that is also considered consent.

 - When just two people are in a room you must ask permission to enter, either in whisper or shout. Give respect to others who might be in a private conversation. With the following rooms you may just enter:
Grande Hall, Emerald Inn, Garden, Sanctuary, Mystical Forest, Meadows, Market.
**Room owners do not need to ask permission to enter their own rooms.

 - No extreme public sexual content: A heated kiss or feeding is not porn, graphic sexual acts are (cybering). Take it to one of the private or 18+ rooms, try not to involve too many other people. Use whispers where possible and ask a  HighCouncil member to clean the room for you afterwards.

 - You may not make an immortal character. There must be at least two ways to kill everyone. Once you are dead you can only come back as a ghost/spirit. Resurrections need permission from the killer of the character (ooc from the player) and the Admin, so take this into consideration before killing off a character. Absolutely no Gods or Phoenix's. 

 - We suggest that when you are role playing with more than one person that you keep to a posting order, this will stop any confusion between posts. Once everyone has posted remember the order of posts and stick to it, you will find this makes everyone involved much happier.

Advisory Note
If you want to trash a room or even blow the whole thing up, that is fine. We do however advise that you talk to an admin about it first. This will ensure that your actions get noticed and all the Realm folks can have the choice to give some kind of reaction. Otherwise, there is a chance that the devastation will go completely unnoticed.
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