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Title: Site & Roleplaying Rules
Post by: Indie on January 03, 2013, 07:36:56 PM
Like any site or game, we do have a set of rules that players need to follow. They aren't complicated, and should be easy to remember. If you have any questions about them though, feel free to ask!

~*Basic Site Rules*~

1. Enjoy yourself here, but always respect the rights of others. Impersonation of other players, sexism, sexual-preference, insulting religious beliefs, ethnic slurs or unwelcome overtures of any kind to other chatters will not be tolerated. If you are being rude to other chatters, you may find yourself kicked out of the room or banned from the site completely.

2. Posting adult or pornographic pictures is strictly prohibited.

3. If there is a present RP (Role Play) going on in a room, please respect the participants and keep all OOC (Out Of Character) comments to a minimum. Use whisper to convey such OOC messages, or please label the message OOC.

4. Any room that is labelled with a _18_ in the room list is an adult room, it is meant only for members who are 18 years of age and older, anyone under this age will be asked to leave the room.

5. Soliciting of any kind is prohibited. Those found to be advertising other chats will be banned immediately. This includes whispered messages and linking from your homepages.
Title: Re: Site & Roleplaying Rules
Post by: Indie on January 03, 2013, 07:49:29 PM
~*General Role-Playing Rules*~

 - You cannot kill someone unless it has been decided by the person playing the character that they want that character to die. If the user makes an IC post saying they have died then that is also considered consent.

 - When just two people are in a room you must ask permission to enter, either in whisper or shout. Give respect to others who might be in a private conversation. With the following rooms you may just enter:
Grande Hall, Emerald Inn, Garden,  Sanctuary, Mystical Forest, Meadows, Market, Sirens Call Inn.
**Room owners do not need to ask permission to enter their own rooms.

 - No extreme public sexual content: A heated kiss or feeding is not porn, graphic sexual acts are (cybering). Take it to one of the private or 18+ rooms, try not to involve too many other people. Use whispers where possible and ask a  HighCouncil member to clean the room for you afterwards.

 - You may not make an immortal character. There must be at least two ways to kill everyone. Once you are dead you can only come back as a ghost/spirit. Resurrections need permission from the killer of the character (ooc from the player) and the Admin, so take this into consideration before killing off a character. Absolutely no Gods or Phoenix's. 

 - We suggest that when you are role playing with more than one person that you keep to a posting order, this will stop any confusion between posts. Once everyone has posted remember the order of posts and stick to it, you will find this makes everyone involved much happier.
Title: Re: Site & Roleplaying Rules
Post by: Indie on January 03, 2013, 07:51:36 PM
~*Dungeon Crawling*~

If you should be unfortunate enough to be imprisoned at the Guard House, then you shall be disarmed of all your weapons at the door by NPC guards- whether or not someone writes this happening.

Any magic or natural abilities you may hold will be rendered useless whilst you are locked up. This is explained by the dampening field which surrounds the cells.

Take note of how you were left by the guards, whether it be in a cell or in shackles, make sure your character acts in the correct manner.

NPC Guards patrol the cells at all times.
Title: Re: Site & Roleplaying Rules
Post by: Indie on January 03, 2013, 08:13:39 PM
~* Babies! Babies Everywhere!*~

So your character has decided to settle down and start a family. Or maybe a dark night of passion has had some consequences. Before officially declaring your character is pregnant, please consider the following:

 - Anyone whose RL age is under 16 may NOT become pregnant in this Realm. If you are found to be cybering you both will be warned and quite possible banned, no matter the age of the other person.
This is for legal issues regarding the chat.

 - Any details of a pregnancy, including conception or early termination, need to be discussed and agreed upon between players OOCly. If there is no agreement, you can ask for a moderator to be brought in.

 - All pregnancies must last at least three weeks. If you require it to be shorter than this for an RP, then please make a request on the forum.

 - Once you have decided that your character is pregnant, you'll need to post it in the Announcement section of the Forums. The 3 week waiting period will begin only after you've posted it here. Your character does not need to know she is pregnant before post.